Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Answers the GIMP.

1-What's Gimp?
  It is a free program suitable for such tasks as photo retouching and imagecomposition and editing. It is especially useful for creating logos and other graphics for webpages. It has many of the tools and filters you would expect to findin similar commercial programs, and some interesting extras. 
2-How can you get Gimp and use it in your computer, at home?
GIMP is available free, without limitations, management should be given to the version of GIMP that is downloaded for the standard version is designed for environments UNYS / Linux. 
3-Make a list of windows in Gimp
-Tool options
-Paintbrush tool
-Layer list 
 -Tool box
4-Make a list of words related with digital image.
-Set of channels
-Set of paths 

-Selection mask 
5-Make a list of words related with using Gimp.
- Pixels
- Painting
- Mask
6-Why do we use layers?

Because with this method is quite easy to go back and correct a corner without touching the web itselfbecause we are working on a mask that can clear if the changes do not convince us or apply if they meet. Layer masks also allow us tocreate effects of mixing, volume ... it is much easier to understand how they workthan trying to list all the possibilities.
7-Is it important to make a selection, when using Gimp?
Because selection-handling is so centrally important, GIMP provides many tools for doing it: an assortment of selection-making tools, a menu of selection operations, and the ability to switch to Quick Mask mode, in which you can treat the selection channel as though it were a color channel, thereby “painting the selection”.

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